My Monster Mom

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Twenty seven year old Abby (Ruffa Gutierrez) was extremely shocked when her parents revealed to her that they are not her maternal parents. She was told that her mother — Esmeralda, couldn’t raise her alone in the Philippines and was forced to entrust her own daughter in order to have a better life. Curious and determined to learn more about her mother, Abby flew straight to the Philippines to finally meet her real mother. But all this excitement of a reunion is foiled at the airport upon sight of the loud mouthed -Visayan speaking “Esme” (Annabelle Rama) — Abby’s real mother and worst nightmare.

Abby steps in Esme’s house and meets her two half brothers whose ears are already numb with Esme’s nonstop screaming. As days passed, she discovers that she and her mother are polar opposites- from her “baduy” choice of furnitures and clothes to her quaint and mediocre lifestyle, Abby figures that she will have to strain herself with a lot of adjustments in order to know her mother better.

To catch up the 27 years of separation from her baby girl, Esme on the other hand pushes all her efforts to win her daughter’s affection. But the more Esme pursues her daughter the more Abby feels stifled and wants to break away from her mother’s irritating clutches.

But after a calamitous falling out, the mother and daughter travel a bumpy road toward true appreciation for one another. In the end, both will discover that the invisible loving bond that has been keeping them together has been there all alon

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