Ispiritista: Itay May Moomoo

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The lovable Victor (Vic Sotto) became a widower when his lovely wife (Iza Calzado) suddenly died one night. Still grieving months after the tragic loss, Victor now drinks a bottle or two of beer to ease his heartache. He drinks only when he thinks his son Tom Tom (BJ Forbes) isn’t looking. One day, Victor thinks of a way by which he can make others who are also mourning feel better– and make some money in the process. With the help of two cohorts, Wally (Wally Bayola) & Jose (Jose Manalo), Victor passes himself off as an “Ispiritista” who can communicate with restless spirits…for a handsome fee.

The innocent Tom Tom has no idea that his dad is a fake medium. In fact, the little boy idolizes his father and proudly tells his classmates that his father gets rids of ghosts for a living. One day, Victor is hired by Tom Tom’s school to speak to the ghost of a little girl and ask her to leave the campus. As his dad prepares, a surprised Tom Tom discovers that HE can see and talk to the little girl’s ghost. She tells Tom Tom what needs to be done to calm her restless soul. Tom Tom obeys her instructions, and she stops haunting the school. Victor takes the credit and accepts the school’s thanks for a job well done. After this success, Victor quickly finds more ghost-busting work. Impressed by how he handled the school ghost, the lovely Lalaine (Cindy Kurleto) hires Victor to rid her boarding house of a quartet of see-through spooks (Teri Onor, Allan K, Soxy Topacio, Antonio Aquitania) who are scaring her sexy single boarders.

Victor promptly accepts, believing Lalaine could be a wonderful new wife for him, not to mention a caring new mother for Tom Tom. But Victor’s hopes that Lalaine will also fall in love with him are dashed when she discovers that Victor is merely a con artist who can’t even see ghosts, much less talk to them. But just when Victor is about to apologize for his sins, he realizes that he has suddenly developed the power to see and speak to ghosts…for real! Victor realizes what he must now do to make up for his lies. In Ispiritista’s spirited, inventive climax, Victor, Tom Tom, Lalaine, Wally, Jose, and an absent-minded priest (Jonee Gamboa) must enter a haunted mansion full of unfriendly spooks and creepy corpses to rid themselves of the ghosts once and for all, or die trying!

BJ Forbes, Cindy Kurleto, Vic Sotto

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