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A heart-pounding fright movie about a provincial lass whose life and death is shrouded by inexplicable and ghastly events so affecting the whole community of Sta. Barbara.

Igan (Juliana Palermo) suffers a gruesome death in the hands of a devil worshipper Nana Ursula (Liza Lorena).
The thrilling movie is acted out by a fine group of seasoned and award-winning performers including Jay Manalo as Elmo, the anxious lover of Igna.

Isabelle as lumen, the mother of Elmo supported by Vangie Labalan and Cloyd Robinsons as the house caretakers of Igna.
The film settings are located among the scenic and rural areas of Vigan showcasing the rich custom of the Filipinos with utmost detail on camera work and production.

The amazing cinematic and special effects, plus the superb handling of some scary scenes will definitely offer the viewers a clear sense of the strange and unfamiliar…
A true Filipino honor flick to watch out for.

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