Guy and gay Zanjoe Marudo face off in ‘Bromance’ teaser

Hunk actor Zanjoe Marudo is seen portraying two characters in the first teaser trailer released for an upcoming comedy.

Zanjoe will take on another flamboyant role in “Bromance: My Brother’s Romance,” after starring in “24/7 In Love” as a gay man who has “one-night stand” with his female friend.

The role is a dream-come-true of sorts for the 30-year-old actor, who has been very vocal about wanting to portray more gay characters onscreen.

In the teaser released online Friday by Star Cinema, Marudo is seen as two characters — one, an apparent straight man with a “macho” persona, and the other, as a cross-dressing male — dancing to the Vice Ganda dance tune “Karakaraka.”

It is unclear whether the two portrayals are separate characters, or are different takes on one character. Joining him in the Skylight Films-produced “Bromance” is Cristine Reyes, who will be paired with the actor onscreen for the first time.

The comedy flick is the latest of Wenn Deramas’ big-screen offerings to tackle a gay theme or feature a gay character in the lead role.

According to the official Facebook page of “Bromance: My Brother’s Romance,” the movie is set to hit theaters in May.

Watch Bromance teaser here:

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