Angel Aquino topbill in indie film “Astray”

Transcendence Films got one of the versatile actresses in the industry to topbill in the upcoming indie film where her soul, her character and she herself would go astray from the usual.

Actress Angel Aquino will play a role of Katie, a heartbroken woman whose heart is still bleeding in pain and unrequited feelings. But what makes her role any different than a woman haunted by melancholic musical scores to most of her previous films? Well, in Astray, Angel Aquino will get to kiss a girl as her character Katie would fall in love with another woman.

The woman is named Lynn (Althea Vega), a wandering soul lost in a realm she cannot fully comprehend yet exists for a reason.

The new role goes to show how Angel Aquino is as an actress but also how actresses of today are open to do ‘very challenging’ roles. In fact, she is not the only Aquino to consider a role who gets to kiss a girl. But then, Astray is.

The indie film is starring Angel Aquino, Althea Vega and Elvert Bañares and is written and directed by Nerissa Picadizo.

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